Project Phases

October 2016 - PI Portfolio Enhancements

  • Created a “Show balance through” filter which is now available in the Portfolio, Fund Summary, and new Chartstrings tabs, giving Actuals and balances through the end of a prior closed month, going back to July 2012.
  • Changed the By Month tab into a complete view of the month to month balance, in order to make it easier to know when funding will run out.
  • Added a Chartstrings tab, which allows users to get a balance in each chartstring used in a given PI’s Portfolio. It’s also helpful to see at a glance the chartfields being used for this PI. 
  • Improved the archive function, so that past projections can now be downloaded into an Excel file, which will be helpful for performing variance analysis against Actuals. 
  • Added a column showing the “Minimum Direct Cost Balance” in the Portfolio tab projections view, in order to show the actual amount left to spend without going into deficit, after overhead is charged.
  • Read the complete list of enhancements.

June 2016 - PI Portfolio Enhancements

  • Dashboard pages now include only prompt values relevant to the selected faculty member for: Fund, Dept and CF1.
  • Drill down reports are enabled for “Total Award – Actuals” and “My Allocations – Actuals.”
  • Personnel categories in the “Actuals” views have been updated to match those in “Projections” view.
    • Added GAEL, Other Employee Comp and Fee Remission as separate rows. See details.
  • In the Transactions tab, “Extended” view is now called “Detailed” view for monthly actuals review. All descriptions present in the BAIRS Customer Report (9 column) are available in the “Reference” column of the PI Portfolio report.
  • Read the complete list of enhancements.

April 2016 - PI Portfolio Phase 3: Projections

Establish a standard process for viewing actuals and projections in PI Portfolio dashboard

  • An integrated set of standardized tools and corresponding business process guides for CSS RAs and faculty financial activities related to faculty managed funds including projections and verification of actual expenses
  • Create the ability to input projections for anticipated funding and expenses in PI Portfolio using the Projections tab
  • Including access to HCM compensation data in the Projection Input Form
  • Provide projection functionality within the Pl Portfolio dashboard, for all funds, by faculty member as delegated by their assigned CF2
  • Modify existing PI reports to include projections and calculated project ending balance where appropriate
  • Enable Deans, CAOs, and other stakeholders to see which funds are projected to be in deficit in order to enable informed decision making

In-scope for PI Portfolio Phase 3

Phase 3 of PI Portfolio includes the new Projections tab, which allows for HCM data integration and makes it possible to create projections in the tool for funds using CF2 codes. The Portfolio and Fund Summary tabs have been updated to include projected balances. The Oversight Dashboard has been created for CAOs, MSOs, and managers to review funds that may be in deficit. A new process is being implemented for the CSS RAs, they will now create projections in the tool and communicate updates to their PI monthly. This expectation will be part of the CSS RA role and a supervisor will sign off that they have done this.

Out-of-scope For PI Portfolio Phase 3

Phase 3 of PI Portfolio does not include the ability to make projections or reports based on funds without a PI attributed CF2. There are no role changes for PIs or RAs with regard to certification of actuals or SAS 115 compliance in the tool. The ability to do scenario planning in the tool and make comments by Funds is not included in this phase, but has been added as a future phase request.

What might be included in the next phase of PI Portfolio?

If you have suggestions or requests on what to address in the next phase of the project, please email your suggestion to the PI Portfolio Project Team at

Previous Project Phases

May 2014 -- Phase 2: All Faculty Funds

  • The current budget, amount spent to date, and available balance for all faculty funds -- start-up funds, gifts, etc.
  • “Real time” expenses and encumbrances, with details on type of expense, transaction dates, personnel, etc.

IMPORTANT: adjustments to existing data is required to enable PI Portfolio to accurately report faculty-managed balances. Read more about revising ChartField 2 Attributes for PI/FACULTY. 

September 2013 -- Phase 1: Budget and Expenses for Active Awards

  • A PI’s login delivers all their active award data, including allocations to Co-PIs and collaborators
  • Alerts for funds approaching time or spending limits
  • The current budget, amount spent to date, and available balance for each award
  • "Real time” expenses and encumbrances, with details on type of expense, transaction dates, personnel, etc.
  • Graphs depicting the percentage of funds spent and time remaining for each award