Project Team


The project is sponsored by Campus Shared Services, in partnership with the Controller's Office and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, and is guided by a Faculty Advisory Group. Expertise is provided by Research Administrators across campus. The Cal Answers Functional Team is leading the implementation in partnership with Information Services and Technology Enterprise Data Warehouse team.


Peggy Huston Chief Operating Officer, Campus Shared Services Information Technology

Advisory Group

David Castellanos  Research, Policy, Planning & Administration
Delphine Regalia Controller's Office
Neil Maxwell  Sponsored Projects Office
Patrick Schlesinger Research Administration and Compliance
Suzanne Sutton College of Chemistry
Terrence Ireland College of Letters & Science
Youssef Kubis Controller's Office

Faculty Advisory Group

Alexis Bell Chemistry
Anupama Gomez School of Social Welfare
Dan Stamper-Kurn Chemistry
Jeffrey Bokor Electrical Engineering Division Operations
John Taylor Plant and Microbial Biology
Matthew Welch Molecular and Cell Biology
Panayiotis Papadopoulos Mechanical Engineering
Robert Rhew Geography
Ron Cohen Chemistry
Rosemary Joyce Anthropology
Tsu-Jae Liu Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Project Team

Heidi Wagner Program Manager
Teal Sexton Cal Answers Functional Lead
Jean Bednarz Communications
David Scronce Training Lead
Elise Mills Subject Matter Expert
Heidi Van Yang Change Management
Nick Endsley CSS Project Management Lead
Frances Kendall Techncial Lead
Youssef Kubis Subject Matter Expert
Jenny Su Business Intelligence Analyst
Naresh Meda Berkeley IT Developer
Aswan Movva Berkeley IT Business Intelligence Team Lead

Operations Team

Name Role Email
Teal Sexton Business Intelligence Functional Lead
Kimberly Page Manager, Contracts and Grants Accounting
Art Chitamitara Research Administrator - Campus Shared Services
Heidi Van Yang Communications - Office of the CFO
Jeremy Linneman Sr. Learning Consultant for Research Administration

Research Administrator (RA)/Functional Focus Group

Name Department Email
Adam Berke Contracts and Grants, Campus Shared Services
Alex Luna Contracts and Grants, Campus Shared Services
Elise Mills Campus Shared Services
Josh Vijeh Campus Shared Services
Katie Hudson Campus Shared Services
Kim Page Controller's Office 
Laurie Kimbler Contracts and Grants, Campus Shared Services
Leslie Goldstein ERSO, Campus Shared Services
Morgan Darby Campus Shared Services
Sarah Gutierrez Contracts and Grants, Campus Shared Services
Sean Bupara Campus Shared Services
Sue Logan Campus Shared Services
Todd Vizenor   Extramural Funds Accounting, Campus Shared Services
Youssef Kubis Contracts and Grants, Campus Shared Services
Yulia Golubovskaya Campus Shared Services