Personnel Tab

This tab shows the history of who has been paid on all funds belonging to the selected faculty member. Personnel expenses are displayed by month with separate lines showing wages, retirement and benefits, and other employee compensation.

If you are a PI or an RA, you can complete trend analysis using these reports which are displayed by month, showing Actuals and Projections.

In the Personnel Tab, you can:

  • View actuals and projections for a slected range of months. The report defaults to show the last six months of Actuals and the next six months of projections.
  • View GAEL and other employee compensation separated out by row. Previously, these were included within retirement and benefits and now these have been separated for easy identification. 
  • View personnel costs across all funds, so you can look at data for more than one fund at a time. 
  • View projections in the table and in the charts at the bottom of the page. 

Note: Fee remission is still available for the pre-UCPath timeframe but no longer shows for the post-UCPath timeframe. UCPath was effective starting March 2019, and fee remission last transacted through the legacy payroll system in October 2019. Fee remission starting November 2019 is mostly transacted in Berkeley Campus Solutions, but the employee ID identifier is not documented consistently. Fee remission would not show for a sizable population, so the decision was made to not show fee remission starting November 2019 due to this inconsistency. Please view the Transactions tab instead for fee remission amounts.