Projections Tab

This tab shows all projections, line by line, across all of the faculty member's funds. It includes a link to the APEX input form for projections across all funds managed by a PI. 

If you're an RA, use this page to input projections.

If you're a PI, use this page to review detailed projections. If you want to communicate changes or questions to your RA about a specific projection, you may reference the ID# found on this page. If you're looking for a breakdown of personnel by percent distribution, you can find that here by selecting the "Personnel by % Distribution" view.

In the Projections Tab, you can:

  • Create projections via the input form directly linked to PI Portfolio, for all funds, by faculty member as delegated by their assigned CF2.
  • Input projections for Anticipated Funding, Non-Compensation expenses and Compensation expenses, with the help of HCM data within the compensation input screen.
  • Get automatically calculated benefit costs (including CBR and GAEL) when users input salary expenses.
  • Get automatically calculated overhead (indirect costs) based on projections.
  • View personnel by dollar amount or by percent distribution.
  • Save projections each month to be downloaded at a later date.
  • Download past projections into an Excel file, which will be helpful for performing variance analysis against Actuals.


Training materials for PI Portfolio can be found on the PI Portfolio training page at