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Monday 7/15/2024 System Issue

Update: Our teams have restored services to Cal Answers, BFS, Campus Solutions (SIS), and Blu. We are still working on restoring service to a few others. See the System Status page for more information and updates.

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Quick Start Guide to Using Dashboard Reports

Welcome to Cal Answers

Cal Answers makes it easy for campus to access information from multiple campus systems on a range of subjects including finance, payroll, PI portfolio, human resources, curriculum, student applicants, and student demographics and outcomes. With the Cal Answers dashboards, you can quickly locate reliable consistent answers to critical questions.

Cal Answers Subject Areas, Dashboards and Reports

WIthin each subject area, there are dashboards. The dashboards use a set of data to provide multiple reports, each with a different focus. These dashboard reports make it quick and easy for you to get answers for the most frequently uses analyses.

Ad Hoc Analysis

The Cal Answers dashboard reports are a quick and easy way to extract the most frequently requested data from Berkeley’s data warehouse. However, there will be times that you have a data need that cannot be fulfilled from the dashboard reports. Perhaps you need to combine columns from different data sources or create new columns to segment and summarize your data. In these cases, you can use the ad hoc functionality to create your own query and report.

Another Data Reporting Resource: Our Berkeley

At UC Berkeley, our teaching provides a foundation and launching point for some of the most extraordinary students to be found anywhere. Our groundbreaking research continually expands the boundaries of human knowledge and possibility. For 150 years, we’ve served the state of California, the nation, and the world as an engine of social mobility and economic value. And we do all this at a scale equaled by few and at a level of excellence surpassed by none.

The information on Our Berkeley is a distillation of the tens of thousands of stories playing out every day in Berkeley’s teaching, research, and public service. We use it to track our aspirations, improve our operations, and find new ways to change the world. This is Our Berkeley.