Office Hours

Meet one-on-one with Cal Answers experts for assistance with your questions!

Campus data analysts are currently offering Cal Answers Office Hours to assist new and continuing users with their questions about how to access, retrieve, and interpret data within the Student ApplicantStudent CurriculumStudent Demographics & Outcomes, and Student Financials subject areas. The sessions are offered throughout the week in 30 minute increments. Each session will provide you with one-on-one consultation with an analyst so you can ask specific Cal Answers questions. The sessions are designed for one attendee, but we recognize there may be times when you’d like others working within your office to join you; in those cases, we invite you to bring up to two additional people to “shadow” you during your session. These sessions are offered in addition to our existing support infrastructure. Learning materials continue to be made available on this website.

To schedule an office hours session, contact the Cal Answers Help Desk at or 664-9000 (ext. - option 1, then option 2). Please provide the Cal Answers question(s) you hope to address at the session.