Browser compatability

Browser Compatibility Matrix



Chrome Compatible with current version compatible with versions up to and including 45.
Compatible with current version compatible with versions up to and including 40.
Internet Explorer Compatible with versions 8-10 but not version 11.
Safari Compatible with current version (version 5.x)

Compatible. You may also access Cal Answers using the new Citrix Server, a new service offered by Information Services & Technology that launches software applications with appropriate browsers and configurations so you no longer need to worry about which browser works. The browser actually runs on a remote server but behaves mostly the same as your local browser. In addition to Cal Answers, Citrix is currently available for BAIRS and CalPlanning. Citrix may already be installed on your computer. Go to Install Citrix to find out if it is, and for instructions on how to install it if you don't already have it. To learn more, visit the Citrix informational site. URL link is:

Browser compatibility background information and next steps

While Cal Answers does support a choice of browsers, it unfortunately does not support a full range of browsers or browser versions. We fully understand this is a significant pain point for the Cal Answers community.

Cal Answers is built on a software platform called Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). OBIEE is one of the leading Business Intelligence tools in the market. While it provides some wonderful advanced features, it - like all the other top players in this space - lacks certified support of all browsers and versions. Fortune 500 companies and higher education institutions all over the world are in a similar situation with both BI platforms and the full suite of enterprise applications. Supporting an open desktop environment as we have in higher education makes this issue even more difficult to manage.

We continue to partner with Oracle for enhanced solutions, and have recently offered access via the Citrix "virtual client" to eliminate the need for locally-installed browsers.