Browser compatability

Browser Compatibility Matrix



Chrome Compatible with current version.
Compatible with current version
Internet Explorer Compatible with version 11.
Microsoft Edge Compatible with current version.
Safari Compatible with current version.

Compatible. You can use Citrix if Cal Answers is not working well in your browser. Browser updates may cause user experience issues in Cal Answers, so with Citrix, you don't need to worry about which browser works. The browser actually runs on a remote server but behaves mostly the same as your local browser. If you are using a campus managed machine that runs Berkeley Desktop (Self Service or BigFix), you can install Citrix Workspace then go to Otherwise, you can go there directly to download and install Ctirix.

Browser compatibility background information

Cal Answers is built on a software platform called Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). While it provides some wonderful features, it - like all the other top players in this space - lacks certified support of all browsers and versions. When browsers get updated, sometimes that causes user experience issues in Cal Answers. The Cal Answers team does what we can to fix or work around the issue, but ultimately browser compatibility is not within our control. We continue to partner with Oracle for enhanced solutions, and also offer access via Citrix to work around browser issues.