Cal Answers Training

Cal Answers training can be broken down into three general sections. The first is basic navigation, the second dashboards and reports, and the third ad hoc. A beginner would learn the material in this order:

1 Basic Navigation

2 Dashboard Deep Dive

3 Ad Hoc Reporting

Basic Navigation

Basic navigation is the starting point for learning to use Cal Answers. A variety of resources are available to help you gain the foundational skills of using a dashboard report, filtering data, and customizing, printing, and exporting reports. These skills apply to dashboards across all subject areas. Learning Resources include self-study and instructor-led classes, job aids, videos, wiki documentation, and office hours.

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards and Reports: Once you’ve gained the basic navigation skills, you’re ready to learn about the types of questions that can be answered using the dashboard reports. Organized by subject area, you’ll find sample questions that can be answered using the various dashboards reports, links to the Wiki pages where you can learn about the prompts and how to interpret the data in the report. Where available, you’ll also find links to job aids and recorded webinars.

Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc: When you need data or report aggregation that isn’t available in the dashboards and reports, Cal Answers has ad hoc functionality for you to build your own reports.

Subject Areas

Campus Workforce Planning

Workforce Detail

Workforce Summary



PI Portfolio

Procure to Pay

Academic Planning

Student Applicants

Student Curriculum

Student Demographics & Outcomes

Student Financials