Each subject area maintains a wiki - a collaborative web site where the business analysts document their subject area's procedural information, such as data definitions, report field lists, unique methodology considerations, etc. Select the link below to view the wiki of the subject area you are researching:

Campus Workforce Planning



Permanent Budget Reporting

PI Portfolio

Procure to Pay

Student Applicants

Student Curriculum 

Student Demographics & Outcomes

Student Financials & Financial Aid

Workforce Detail

Workforce Summary


These materials cover basic Cal Answers functionality available on most dashboards regardless of subject area. 

Student Data

     Dashboard Overviews & Homework 

Office Hours

Campus data analysts are currently offering Cal Answers Office Hours to assist new and continuing users with questions about how to access, retrieve, and interpret data within the Student Data subject areas:

  • Student Applicants
  • Student Curriculum
  • Student Demographics & Outcomes
  • Student Financials & Financial Aid 

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Cal Answers Ad Hoc Walk Through

Demonstration of ad hoc functionality using the Finance - GL Answers and Payroll - UCPath Expense Detail subject areas. Webinar Recording 10.29.20

Ad hoc resourcesThe how-to content applies broadly across subject areas even though it uses the Finance - GL Answers area as the example.

You can find sample analyses at: Catalog/Shared Folders/Analysts/Functional/Finance/User-Created Ad Hoc Analyses/VCFIN - Finance/Ad Hoc Demonstration Analyses

Cal Answers Hours Towards Eligibility Dashboard Webinar

This webinar is an overview of the Hours Towards Eligibility dashboard. This is recorded and will be posted to the Cal Answers website afterwards.

Webinar Recording 10.22.2020

Webinar Recording 10.27.2020

Cal Answers Finance Dashboard Walk Through

The Cal Answers team will walk users through the General Ledger Reporting and Financial Management Reporting dashboards for 60 minutes, followed by Q&A/office hours for 30 minutes (or until there are no more questions). The first 60 minutes will be recorded and posted to the Cal Answers website. Q&A/office hours will not be recorded.

If you are looking for training, plan to join for the whole session. If you are only interested in the Q&A/office hours, please join us at 11 am. Feel free to bring up specific issues and scenarios.

We will prioritize questions that are not already answered in existing Cal Answers training materials or in the first 60 minutes of the session.

Walk Through recording 8/28/20.

Current Employee CBR Webinar

Webinar Recording 8.13.2020

Cal Answers Financials* Basic Navigation Training

Want to learn how to navigate the Cal Answers Financials General Ledger & Multi-Year subject areas to access, format and print your data tables?

Review the Cal Answers Financials Basic Navigation Training slide presentation.

At the end of this training you will have practiced:

  • Logging in and accessing the Cal Answers Financials General Ledger and Multi-Year dashboard reports

  • Applying filters to access unit-specific financial data sourced nightly from BFS

  • Managing the layout of the data tables by moving and hiding columns

  • Saving customized views of your data for future reference and sharing with your colleagues

  • Printing and exporting data tables and charts

This training is open to all UC Berkeley staff and faculty who have access to Cal Answers Financials reporting dashboards. If you have access to the BAIRS Financial Reporting module you were automatically granted access to Cal Answers Financials.

Not sure if you have Financials access?

Review the FAQ How do I find out if I have access to Cal Answers Financials?  for how to check your current access levels.

You can learn how to request Cal Answers Financials access on the Access Financials page.

* This hands-on functionality class is trained in the Cal Answers Financials General Ledger dashboards, but all of the functionality covered is subject area agnostic and works the same in all Cal Answers subject areas, including Human Resources Reporting, Payroll and Student Data.

Financial Management Reporting