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Departmental Curriculum Profile

This dashboard integrates data from across the suite of Curriculum dashboards available in Cal Answers. Intended for use by Deans, Department Chairs, and the managers and staff that support them, this dashboard can assist departments with curriculum management as well as academic planning. It portrays curriculum-related metrics for each academic department in a highly graphical format to promote usability and improve accessibility. Trend reports provide a high-level overview of the department's curricular offerings and teaching resources, useful for academic assessment and planning. Semester detail reports allow units to identify opportunities or address issues related to curriculum management.

  • Documentation for this dashboard is included in the Documentation tab in the dashboard. To get to the original dashboard click on the data in the graphics.
ReportTime SpanQuestions That Can Be Answered

Course Enrollments, Offerings and Average Class Size

  • What have the enrollments, offerings, and average class size been for my department for the fall and spring semesters over the last 5 years?
  • What are the enrollment counts credited to our department, regardless of where the course is listed?

Teaching Activity by Course Level and Instructor Type

  • What type of instructors have taught the courses that were listed or offered by our department?
  • What are the prorated student credit hours for teaching activity credited to our department by instructor type?

5-Yr Change in Enrollments

  • Which classes have had their enrollments change the most over the last 5 years?

Percent Enrollments by Non-Majors by Course

  • For selected course(s), what percentage of enrollments were for non-majors?
Course Demand Selections Semester
  • For a specific week in the semester, what are the enrollment and waitlist counts, enrollment limit, and % full for a selected snapshot week?
  • What percentage of classes were at least 90% full, including waitlisted students, in the most recent semester as of Week 02?
Class Size Semester
  • What is the enrollment limit and enrollment count for a given course and section?
  • For courses that are crosslisted, what is the crosslisted enrollment count?

Top Courses Taken Outside the Department

  • What are the top courses taken in other departments by students in my unit?
  • Which other departments are serving my students?