Workforce Planning

Dashboard reports


Campus Workforce Planning provides data for people who plan and manage large teams, as well as  anyone curious about the make-up of campus staff and changing demographics. The data can help you in numerous ways - managing staffing changes, planning for succession, performing diversity assessments, identifying trends, and conducting impact analysis on budget decisions.


Efficiency: How do we forecast and plan effective staffing models?

Diversity: Does the campus have a diverse pool of employees and how has it changed over time?

Succession: Is my unit staffed for success not just today, but 5, 10, 20 years in the future?

Operations: How do budget decisions impact staffing trends?


1. HR Census Dashboard

The HR Census dashboard uses data from our human resources system captured on specific dates (a snapshot). This dashboard helps users understand the size, composition, and changes over time of our workforce, at a campus level and for specific units.  The dashboard can help with diversity assessments, identifying the impact of staffing changes, or uncovering areas of growth.

Why an official census?

The number of people on campus changes daily. Counts can also change dramatically depending on who is counted and how one counts them. Campus has agreed to use the consistent methodology of an official census to avoid confusion over methods and varying numbers. We ask that you use these numbers for all public communications.

How is the census counted?

The snapshot dates for the census are April 30th and October 31st. Data is captured about 30 days after the snapshot dates to allow retroactive personnel actions to settle down. At the campus level, each employee is counted once, even if they hold multiple jobs, using a primary appointment algorithm. The principle is to count a person only once for any population we analyze. This means as we go down the organization levels, an employee with jobs in multiple organizations will be counted once in each organization, even if none of the jobs are the primary appointment.

Therefore, the sum of counts in different organizations may differ from the campus counts. For example, if Bob has appointments in Chemistry and Physics, he will be counted once in the census for Chemistry and once in the census for Physics. But at the campus level Bob will only be counted once.

2. Staff Retirement Metrics Dashboard

The Staff Retirement Metrics dashboard also uses data from the human resources system captured on specific dates (a snapshot). The purpose of this dashboard is to assist you in planning your workforce strategy, particularly planning for continuity and succession planning by taking into account the retirement likelihood of your staff. It helps you assess the mix of employees in your unit to understand if the workforce is balanced in terms of age and experience, or if it is skewed in favor of one or the other.