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Cal Answers provides interactive dashboards and reports, allowing you to see information about the entire campus and drill down to specific departments or other subsets of data. You can rearrange or delete data columns, sort by different parameters, and filter the data in different ways so the tool meets your needs.

Cal Answers reports data directly from the University’s enterprise data warehouse, a single repository for integrated information relating to cross-campus topics like:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Admissions
  • Enrollment
  • Financial Aid
  • Faculty Research

Now, when the campus needs to answer critical business questions, they can trust Cal Answers provides one accessible, consistent, reliable answer to their question. Thus the motto, "One Question, One Answer."


You must have access. From, click Learn about getting access to determine the access that you have and to learn how to request access to various subject areas.

Dashboard Subject Areas

Cal Answers has dashboards in a number of subject areas including Financial, Human Resources, and Student data. The concepts and procedures for navigating within Cal Answers are the same for all subject areas. To make the training relevant to each user, there are practice exercises for the Financials and Student subject areas. You can complete the exercise(s) that are relevant to your use of Cal Answers.

About the Training

In this training, you will read about the data and functionality in Cal Answers, watch brief video demonstrations, and complete practice exercises. While most of the screen shots are from dashboards in the Financials subject area, the concepts are applicable to all subject areas.

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