Cal Answers Financials Dashboards

Cal Answers Financials is a project that will create the ability to report on financial data using Cal Answers to improve financial reporting capability and prepare for the retirement of BAIRSThe Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance (VC Finance) will release a series of new dashboards designed to transition financial reporting from BAIRS to Cal Answers during calendar year 2018.

The Cal Answers Financials dashboards include:

  • Campus Position Management
  • Compensation Summary
  • Financial Management Reporting
  • Foundation Reporting
  • Fund Deficits Reporting
  • General Ledger Reporting
  • Gift & Endowment Reporting
  • Telecom Billing
  • Telecom Phone Usage
  • Multi-Year Reporting
  • Payroll Dashboard
  • Procurement Card Reporting (located in Procure to Pay -> Spend Dashboard)
  • PermBudg Dashboard
  • Workforce Detail Dashboard