Ad Hoc Analysis - Finance

What is Ad Hoc?

Ad Hoc allows you to create a custom query or analysis from the data in the Finance - GL Answers subject area. Once you pull the desired data, you can add a variety of different views, such as pivot tables, graphs, charts, gauges, and more. Ad Hoc works the same across Cal Answers, so once you understand it, you can build analyses in any subject area that you have access to.

Using Ad Hoc 

If you plan to use Ad Hoc access to create your own queries, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that your results are accurate because we haven't built the query. We can provide the tools - the outcome is up to you. Ad Hoc is "use at your own risk" because there are not currently resources at the Help Desk or on the Cal Answers team to assist you with these requests.

To support your use of Ad Hoc, we have created a series of templates that will get you started. To learn more about where these templates are located and how to use them, please refer to the Ad Hoc wiki page.

To help with validating your analysis, we recommend checking the Finance dashboards to verify that your totals match the published totals that we DO support and guarantee. If you feel there is an error in a dashboard, please open a ticket with the Cal Answers helpdesk by emailing

Ad Hoc Training Materials

Getting Started Working with Finance Ad Hoc Analysis Templates -This resource guide contains graphics and step-by-step instructions for working with the Finance templates available in the Ad Hoc Analysis Shared folders to help you get started creating your own custom queries.

Ad Hoc wiki page