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How do I select multiple filter values in the dashboard prompts at the same time?

Single vs. Multi-Select

Prompts with a checkmark allow you to select one value.

Prompts with checkboxes allow you to select multiple values.

select multiple items

Enter Multiple Codes or Numeric Values

When you want to select multiple numeric values and you know the codes, it isn’t necessary to select them from a drop-down list. You can type or paste them into the prompt separated...

Can I run a concurrent analysis without leaving my current one?

This is helpful when you need to compare two different sets of results within the same dashboard. You can create a bookmark link and open it in a new tab.

You can also open a new tab and go to to go to another dashboard.

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Cal Answers update - document your bookmark links and saved customizations

September 8, 2020
Cal Answers Finance and Payroll Communities, When we transitioned from the legacy PPS system to UCPath, the term Payroll Period End Date (or Pay Period End Date) took on a new meaning. The Payroll Period End Date is now the last date of the UCPath payroll period in which pay was processed, corresponding to the old PPS term Pay Cycle End Date. The equivalent of the old Pay Period End Date field is now the Earnings Period End Date field. To clarify this, we are planning to rename the Payroll Period End date prompts, columns, and report filters to Earnings Period End Date. This...

Cal Answers Current Employee CBR dashboard available

July 31, 2020
Cal Answers Financials Community, We are pleased to announce the Cal Answers...

Updates to Cal Answers Payroll dashboard

July 30, 2020
Updates to Cal Answers Payroll dashboard and legacy Payroll Leave Accrual report is retired Cal Answers Payroll Community, We’re pleased to announce that in response to user feedback we’ve made a number of enhancements to the...

Cal Answers Payroll dashboard live and HR dashboard updates

May 14, 2020
Cal Answers Payroll and HR Communities,
As part of the UCPath conversion, we have updated the Cal Answers Payroll dashboard and we are pleased to announce it is now live with data from UCPath. The Payroll dashboard you have been using up to this point has been renamed...

Cal Answers Permanent Budget Reporting dashboard updated

April 24, 2020
Permanent Budget Report Users, We have updated the Cal Answers Permanent Budget Reporting dashboard for FY20 data and we are pleased to announce it is now live with data converted due to UCPath. (Please note that faculty funding remains at the time being as of June 30, 2019 levels.) The Permanent Budget dashboard you...

UCPath integration to Cal Answers

February 27, 2019
Cal Answers Community, The implementation of UCPath, the new UC-wide system for payroll, personnel, HR and benefits, will take place in March. Cal Answers will continue to be available during the UCPath implementation. General Ledger reports, Financial Management reports, and PI Portfolio, as well as the associated ad hoc reporting, will be unaffected. HR and Payroll Leave Accrual reports will have data...

Payroll data in BFS and Cal Answers

April 17, 2019
BFS and Cal Answers Community, Now that UCPath is live, payroll journals will post in BFS and be displayed in Cal Answers more frequently. As a result, we will no longer send email notifications when payroll data are made available in reports. Payroll expense transfers processed in PPS for pre-UCPath payroll entries (transactions for pay periods ending 03/09/19 and prior) will continue to be posted once a month in BFS with the PPS data available for reporting in the legacy Payroll Expense report in Cal Answers. If you have questions about using Cal Answers or BFS, please contact the Help Desk...