Cal Answers Gifts in Suspense Accounting Report now available

May 24, 2018

Cal Answers Financials and BAIRS Community,

We are pleased to announce there is a new Cal Answers report available called Gifts in Suspense Accounting. This report displays gifts that are waiting for processing and answers the question “What gifts am I expecting that haven't been processed yet?” The Gifts in Suspense Accounting report is part of the Gift & Endowment Reporting dashboard. It is relevant to units that receive gifts and to the processing units within University Development and Alumni Relations.

As BAIRS is scheduled to be retired soon, we encourage you to take this opportunity to use Cal Answers to complete your reporting activities while BAIRS is still available as a reference to ensure you understand how to find the information you need within the new report.

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If you have access to the BAIRS financial reports module, the Cal Answers Financial Management Reporting dashboard, or the Cal Answers General Ledger Reporting dashboard, then you have access to the Gift & Endowment Reporting dashboard. If you need to request access, you may request it throughCal Access using these instructions

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Cal Answers Financials Project Team


Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance