Permbudg Reporting

The Cal Answers team partnered with campus subject matter experts to create the Permbudg dashboard.

The Permbudg is a ledger that maintains the full amount of annual funding from central campus to campus units, to cover ladder faculty payroll. In past years (data goes back to 2001) staff were also included in the Permbudg but this is no longer the case.

At the beginning of each fiscal year, a general allocation is made based on the Permbudg ledger. The general allocation is an Actuals journal that posts an Operating Transfer out of the central ledger, into the Academic units and then within these units to any chartstrings they have designated in the Permbudg. The total of the Permbudg across campus nets to zero, because it is how the campus moves funding from the center out to cover ladder faculty payroll in the units. 

The Permbudg ledger is adjusted throughout the year to capture changes in the level of faculty funding by position. An Actuals journal is also posted to allocate the prorated "in-year" amount needed to cover these changes before the next general allocation (July of the following year). The reports in the dashboard provide the campus units and the Financial Planning & Analysis team with information about the Permbudg ledger. 

Permanent Budget Reporting Tabs

Ledger Summary 

Provides the amount of funding by chartstring for a given fiscal year and accounting period. 

Ledger Detail

Provides the detailed position information for Permbudg funding. 

Academic Breakdown Summary

Includes only Academic job codes based on an Academic Breakdown Job Tree and categorizes into filled and unfilled positions. Summarized budgeted positions at the job code level.

Academic Breakdown Detail

Includes only Academic job codes based on an Academic Breakdown Job Tree and displays detailed information about each position, including the name and EID of the incumbent for filled positions. 

Position Balance

This report displays detailed information about every position that is Permanently budgeting, including the name and EID of the incumbent for filled positions. 

PRT Error Report

This report is used to identify any discrepancies between the Position Resource Tracking (PRT) module in BIBS/BFS and HCM, so that the central budget office can take action on those positions.

Permanent Budget Training Materials