Permbudg Reporting

The Permanent Budget Reporting dashboard should be used to report on fiscal year 2019-20 and years after that. To look at data for prior years, use the Legacy Permanent Budget Reporting dashboard.

Permanent Budget Reporting Tabs

Academic Breakdown

Academic Breakdown reports display the Permanent Budget amount and FTE for job codes in the Academic Breakdown job code tree with different levels of detail. 

  • Academic Breakdown Detail displays detailed information about each position, including the name and Employee ID number (EID) of the incumbent. 
  • Academic Breakdown Summary provides a way to analyze the dollars and FTE in the Permbudg Ledger for various groups such as Assistant, Associate and full Professors, Agronomists and other categories. This summary report provides aggregate FTE and Salary Amounts at the level of chartstring and job code that are in the Permbudg.
  • The Position Balance report displays detailed chartstring information about every position that is permanently budgeted, including the name and EID of the incumbent.

Ledger Summary 

Provides the amount of funding by chartstring for a given fiscal year and accounting period. This report reflects the summarized Permbudg Ledger amount by chartstring, as of the selected Accounting Period and Fiscal Year.

Journal Detail

Provides detailed information at the Journal Line level, to reflect Permbudg ledger activity based on the selections made in the filters at the top of the page. Report details include Journal ID, Journal Date, Job Code, Trans Code and Journal Line Desc.

Permanent Budget Training Materials