Telecom Phone Usage

The Telecom Phone Usage dashboard is available to users approved to view detailed phone usage information. Access is not global and typically granted by org node or department due to the sensitive information in this dashboard.

Finding the Telecom Phone Usage dashboard: Since this data is less frequently used, it is available only through the Dashboards link in the top blue navigation bar of Cal Answers. Click Dashboards and you will find Telecom Phone Usage in the Finance section of the dropdown list.

Telecom Phone Usage Tabs

Recharge Telecom Summary

This tab displays a summary of the total minutes/day of phone usage by person, including their phone number, and any amount charged. 


This tab lists detailed phone usage, including the name of each caller, their phone number, the destination phone number, destination city and state, date, time, minutes of each call and type of call (such as local, toll or toll free).

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