Foundation Reporting

Cal Answers Financials partnered with University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR) to develop the Foundation Reporting dashboard. This dashboard is primarily relevant to the Financial Services team within UDAR. 

Foundation Reporting Tabs

Combined Report

This report provides the highest level of summary for the entire Foundation’s (Business Unit F) assets, liabilities, net positions (fund balance), revenues, and expenditures. It contains all accounts and all funds in the Foundation ledger. This report is used for:

  • Analyzing, reconciling and reviewing month-ending account balances 
  • Preparing management reports
  • Generating annual financial reports for audit

Trial Balance

This report shows amounts that have posted to all accounts for each fund in the Foundation ledger. It is useful for reviewing data by accounts for an individual fund or a range of funds. It is used to perform research, conduct analysis, validate transactions, etc.

Training Materials

Foundation Reporting 

  • Cal Answers Basic Navigation Learning Map: A linear guide to a comprehensive set of the latest training materials to support you in getting started working with the all of the Cal Answers dashboard reports. (PDF)

Foundation Reporting Wiki

Visit the wiki page for Foundation Reporting.