The Payroll dashboard displays Payroll Expense Detail and Leave Accrual information from the Payroll and Personnel System (PPS). This dashboard replaces the existing BAIRS payroll reports and enables HR professionals to access information they need to submit a Payroll Expense Transfer, view benefits by employee, and access leave accrual information. This is where you will find payroll expense transfer information, because it pulls data directly from PPS. Access is not global and is typically granted by org node or department due to the sensitive information in this dashboard. 

The Payroll Expense Detail and Leave Accrual information from the Payroll and Personnel System (PPS) displayed in this dashboard is separate from the compensation information from BFS displayed in the Finance dashboards. The information is related, but data from PPS lives specifically in the Payroll dashboard. 

Payroll Tabs

Expense Detail

The tab displays all the Payroll Expense Detail information from the PPS payroll source system

The report features three views for different purposes. The Standard View mimics the PPP5302 report from Page Center in PPS, the source system for the data in these reports. The Transaction View contains all the columns in the order needed to submit a Payroll Expense Transfer (PET). The Benefits Expanded View provides amounts for each individual benefit, which are summed into groupings in the other views. All three views contain detailed chartstring and Employee information for payroll expenses. 

The benefits amounts are the costs for each employee and are consistent with PPS data at the PageCenter report portal. The actual fringe benefit costs to departments, as determined by the composite fringe benefit rates (CBR) are posted to the general ledger via a BFS journal prior to month close, at the department level rather than by employee. If you need to know the particular CBR in order to conduct a payroll expense transfer (PET), please review the "Account Code Structure" link on the Office of the Chief Financial Officer website. You can also review a comprehensive record of historical, current, and projected CBRs on the Sponsored Projects Office website.

Leave Accruals

This tab provides detailed balance information from the PPS payroll source system about the hours of leave an Employee may accrue. It is a monthly pivot table format, showing for each leave type: the beginning balance, accrual amount, usage, any vacation hours lost, and the balance at the end of that month. The vacation accrual max is also provided. The leave types are Vacation, Sick, Comp and Paid Time Off.

Training Materials

  • Payroll Job Aid: provides an overview for accessing Cal Answers and navigating the Payroll dashboard to search for data from the Payroll Personnel System (PPS).
  • Payroll data dictionary: Includes the names and terminology used in the Payroll dashboard and how they correspond to the prompts in BAIRS.
  • Cal Answers Training page: Provides resources for those new to Cal Answers, including job aids, videos, and registration links for upcoming classes.