Telecom Billing

The Telecom Billing dashboard provides recharge costs and details for services performed by Berkeley Informaiton Technology (bIT)

Telecom Billing Tabs


This tab provides a summary of the charges by Chartstring or by Billing ID Account. Service ID and Service Item ID are also included. The report can be filtered by various Org levels, or by Fund, CF1, CF2 or Service Item ID. The charges are separated by category: Usage, One Time, and Recurring, with an overall Amount equal to the summary of the categories. 

By Month

This tab shows each Service Item ID and Service Item Description, then the amount of the service charged each month for a selected fiscal year. Service ID may be included. Toggle the view selector to add the quantity per month to the report. 


This tab shows each individual transaction that incurred a charge, including the user name, Service ID, Quantity, Unit Price and Amount. 

Training Materials

  • Getting Started with IST Billing Dashboard job aid: A detailed description of the Telecom Billing report tabs, prompts and Cal Answers functionality available to review the billing charges.
  • IST Billing Wiki: Provides an overview of the reports within the dashboard and includes a dictionary of terms used in the dashboard and how they correspond to the prompts in BAIRS.
  • Cal Answers Training page: Provides resources for those new to Cal Answers, including job aids, videos, and registration links for upcoming classes.