Print and Export Reports


You can print your report as a Printable PDF or a Printable HTML. PDF is a final format that cannot be edited. HTML displays your report and prompt filter selection in a separate browser tab. 

How to Print Reports

Use the Print hyperlink located below the report to access the print choices. Alternatively you can access the Print command from the Page Options button.

Print link below report circled

Export Reports

Once you have run a report, you can export the formatted report to a PDF file, or an Excel or Power Point file. All of these selections give you a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) presentation that cannot be edited without significant effort. 

If you'd like to further manipulate the data, you can export to a Comma Separated Values (.CSV), Tab Delimited, or XML format. For exporting data, the CSV Format is recommended; it exports unformatted data from all columns, not only the ones visible in the report.

There are, however, a few reports for which Excel may be a good option. These are the Pivot based reports, like Payroll - Absence Management Summary and Undergraduate Applicants - UG Apps by Multiple Fields, where the dashboard report is a pivot of the underlying table. The .CSV export delivers an unpivoted version of the data which may be more challenging to use than the pivot table generated by the Export to Excel alternative. 

How to Export Reports and Data 

Select the Export hyperlink below the report to access the choices to export a formatted report or data in various formats.

Export link below report with Formatted highlighted


Bookmarks are the preferred method for sharing data because they generate current data whereas printouts and data exports create snapshots of the data.

Watch and Learn

Video: View, Print and Export Report Results (3 minutes)


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