Fund Summary

Fund Summary Tab

The Fund Summary page only shows one fund at a time. It provides key details about the project for sponsored funds at the top of the page, above the table.

If you're a PI, it will be useful if you want to look at the whole picture of spending by category for the project from inception to current date. 

In the Fund Summary Tab, you can:

  • Drill down to a detailed view from summary view for Actuals and Projections.
  • View project details for sponsored funds.
  • View summary of projections by expense type for the selected fund.
  • View calculated ending fund balance.
  • View balance and actuals in a fund through the end of a closed month, in order to make it easier to reconcile transactions for that month.
  • Use “Start Month,” “End Month” and “% Distribution” columns to the drill down report behind the “Projected Expenses” column values, so that it gives more detail for each compensation projection.