Portfolio Tab showing "Minimum Direct Cost Balance" column

Portfolio Tab with "Show Balance Through" filter set to an earlier period

Portfolio Tab

In the Portfolio tab, you'll see all of funds associated with your CF2 at a summary level. This tab (or report) will allow you to view the current and projected fund balance for the funds associated with your PI. Use this page to navigate to more detail by fund. To do this, click on a fund number. 

PIs, this page will give you an idea of your overall funding and allow you to quickly identify any areas of concern.

In the Portfolio Tab, you can:

  • Click on the blue links to the detailed transactions that roll up to the summary value.
  • View the projected through date which represents the maximum date through which projections have been entered for this project. 
  • View the projected expense column which represents all the projections made for that fund.
  • View the anticipated funding column which represents all the additional funding projected to come in for this project. 
  • View the projected balance column which represents spending through the last closed period plus anticipated funding and minus projected expenses.
  • See a current or projected deficit, by finding the numbers in red.
  • View your balance and actuals in a fund through the end of a closed month, in order to make it easier to reconcile transactions for that month.
  • Customize your reports, using prompts for Fund, Dept, and CF1.
  • View the "Minimum Direct Cost Balance" in the projections view, in order to show the actual amount left to spend without going into deficit, after overhead is charged.