Chartstring Example

Chartstring is a combination of data segments that provides necessary information for financial management and budgeting. A complete chartstring includes Business Unit, Account, Fund, DeptID (the lowest level of the Entity Hierarchy), Program (if applicable), ChartField1 (if applicable), and ChartField2 (if applicable). The different segments provide necessary information for strategic financial management and budgeting.

If you don’t know which chartstring to use, contact your manager, Divisional Finance Leader, or Research Administrator.

A complete chartstring includes:

  • Business Unit – will either be 10000 for the Berkeley campus or J0000 for UCOP activity administered on the Berkeley campus financial records and general ledger
  • Account Code –this field describes the nature of the expenses
  • Fund– the source or type of money
  • DeptID – (Department ID) – the cost center where the expenses will be charged
  • Program Code – used to report the broad category of functional activity that incurred the expense; for Contract and Grant funds used to determine if overhead applies to the transaction
  • ChartField 1 – department defined field for reporting; it represents a project, for Contract and Grant funds it is used to track a task, deliverable or fabrication
  • ChartField 2 – department defined field for reporting; it identifies a Principal Investigator or faculty lead, it tracks ongoing financial activity for the reporting, analysis and management of resources related to a faculty member or Principal Investigator

For Contract and Grant funds, there are three additional segments:

  • PC BU– Project Costing Business Unit – if the general ledger business unit is 10000, the PC BU is GM100; for J0000, the PC BU is GMJ00
  • Project – a defined body of work
  • Activity– the funding period(s) mandated by the sponsor

Read more about the Contract and Grants award chartstrings on the Controller's website. 

Chart of Accounts
Visit the Controller's Office website or the Budget Process Chart of Account Guidelines for more information about Chart of Accounts, including:

Account Range

Account Range Classification of Account
10000-19999 Assets
20000-29999 Liabilities
30000-39999 Fund Balances
40000-49999 Revenues
50000-59999 Expenditures
60000-69999 Budget
70000-79999 Operating Transfers
List of BFS Accounts