Cal Answers Financials is a project that will enable the ability to report on finance data using Cal Answers. Eventually, financial reporting will be done in Cal Answers, instead of BAIRS. While the same information will be available in Cal Answers as in BAIRS, users will be able to customize their reports into multiple views, rather than accessing information by running multiple reports. To learn more about getting access to Cal Answers Financials, visit the Access page. The Cal Answer Financials project will include phased releases, with input from stakeholders at each phase. Benefits of using Cal Answers Financials include:

  • Log in with Chrome and Firefox as well as Citrix.
  • Customize dashboard reports as needed while in the report, rather than downloading static content. 
  • Share customized reports by sending links or creating briefing books.
  • Drill from summary values to detailed transactions.
  • Export data in a variety of formats. 
  • Locate data from BAIRS, CalPlanning, and various subject areas and systems all in one application.

Financial Management Reporting

The first Cal Answers Financials release is the Financial Management Reporting Dashboard. The Financial Management Reporting Dashboard includes three tabs: SRECNA, Summary by Chartfields, and Transactions.

This tab displays the Statement of Revenue, Expense and Changes to Net Assets for the selected organization. It is modeled after the CR103 report in CalPlanning.

Summary by Chartfields
This tab summarizes transactions​ for each unique chartstring combination. It is modeled after the 008 GL Sum by Chartfields Mod C&G report in BAIRS.

This tab provides the lowest level of transaction detail 
​for reconciliation after the close of each month. It is modeled after the 008 GL Customer Rpt Fund 9col All Curr Funds ModC&G report in BAIRS.

Gift and Endowment Reporting

The Gift and Endowment dashboard will make the same gift and endowment information currently available in BAIRS available in Cal Answers, along with new functionality. The different features available in Cal Answers include:

  • Key information from both the foundation ledger and campus ledger will be available in one place.
  • Data from both BFS and CADS will be available and updated daily.
  • Funds pending in the Foundation ledger will be visible.