Financials Project Team


Rosemarie Rae Vice Chancellor - Chief Financial Officer

Project Team

Jon Bain-Chekal Project Owner
Teal Sexton Project Lead
Sara Tecle Project Manager
Jenny Su Functional Lead
Frances Kendall Technical Lead
Heidi Van Yang Change Management/Communications Lead
Jeannine Miles Training Lead

Technical Team

Mark Chiang Data Warehouse Director
Daniel Grieb Date Warehouse Development Manager
Aswan Movva Business Intelligence Manager
Naresh Meda Business Intelligence Developer
Peter Cava Data Warehouse Architect
Sameer D'Souza Data Warehouse Architect
Anji Gannavarapu Data Warehouse Developer
Quin Bligh Database Technical Lead

Working Groups

Divisional Finance Leaders 

Elena Wen Jiang

VC Administration 

Elise Woods


Jules Freedman

EVCP Office

Linda Moran


Merle Hancock

Goldman School of Public Policy

Wanda Nieters

L&S Math & Physical Sciences

Common Solutions 

Nikki Humphreys Bioengineering
Joacim Benitez Haas School of Business
Joel Cruz Physics
Paula Floro Linguistics

VC Finance 

Alan Underwood Office of Planning & Analysis
Emily Zhiting Liu Financial Planning & Analysis
Kira Blaisdell-Sloan Office of Planning & Analysis