Student Data dashboards provide Cal Answers users with the ability to view and analyze student data in order to answer questions and improve decision making. The student data dashboards currently available in Cal Answers are:

Cal Answers Global Dashboards for student data provide easy access to UC Berkeley data to answer questions related to our student Applicants, Curriculum, Demographics & Outcomes and Financials. Our Cal Answers Student Data Subject Area Dashboard Map (03/07/17) can help you identify the reports and common filters available for each of the student subject areas.

 Latest loaded Cal Answers student data

Subject Area Data Loaded Term/Year Loaded On

Student Applicants*

New Freshman (NF) & Transfer Applied

2017-18 Academic Year 02/15/17

NF & Transfer Applied

2016-17 Academic Year 02/15/17

NF & Transfer Admitted

2016-17 Academic Year 02/15/17

Final UG Applied, Admits and SIRed

2016-17 Academic Year 02/15/17

Student Curriculum

Course Enrollment Census (CEN) Spring 2017 02/18/17

Course Enrollment End-of-Term (EOT)

Fall 2016 02/15/17

Student Demographics & Outcomes

Degrees Awarded  Fall 2016 07/17/17

Students - Registered End-of-Term (EOT)

Spring 2017 07/17/17

Students - Registered Census (CEN)

Spring 2017 03/09/17

Students - Registered End-of-Term (EOT)

Students - Registered End-of-Term (EOT) 02/15/17

Multiple Entry Cohorts


*Student Applicants data load timing for the 2016-17 Academic Year reflects SIS transition.

Student Data Super Users

Student Data Super Users provide the important function of ensuring our campus has a cohesive group of senior-level data analysts with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to help define and analyze the most critical student data issues. The Super Users are available to assist their units with Cal Answers Student Data analysis. Read more.

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