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Student Applicant reporting will offer data and analysis on undergraduate applicants allowing us to better understand the applicant pool, how it is changing over time, and our strategies and success in recruiting a strong and diverse student body. Applicant data can be integrated with data on current students to provide more insight into varying outcomes for our students. It can also be integrated with financial aid information to better understand the effectiveness of our aid offerings.

In 2011 the Cal Answers team released an initial undergraduate applicant dashboard.  Further data investigation and source system changes prompted the Cal Answers team to update and expand the existing data.

Providing insight to critical campus goals

  • Diversity: Does the campus attract a diverse pool of applicants?
  • Acceptance Rate: What is the trend of acceptance rate over time?
  • International: What is the trend for International Student applications? 
  • Enrollment: What are characteristics of students who do and do not choose to matriculate?


Undergraduate Applicants

Fast Facts and Overview
Provides a brief overview of the last two undergraduate application cycles, as well as descriptions of the additional reports.

Undergraduate Application Counts
Allows you to view, over time, counts of applicants, admits, and statements of intent to register (SIRs). It includes charts of admit and yield rates, and allows you to drill down to intended major programs.

Undergraduate Applicants by Multiple Fields
Lets you create your own table of applicants, admits, or SIRs, grouped by up to four categories for multiple years.

Academic Indicators for Applicants, Admits, and SIRs
Shows average, 25th percentile, and 75th percentile SAT scores, ACT scores, high school GPAs, and transfer GPAs, for applicants, admits, and SIRs.

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Student Applicants learning resources