Student Data Super Users

Student Data Super User Training Program

First launched in 2016, the Cal Answers Student Data Super User Training Program provides select staff a unique leadership and professional development opportunity to become an expert in a campus-wide tool that supports data-driven decision making. Cal Answers Student Data includes information about undergraduate applicants, curriculum, demographics and outcomes, and financial aid.

The main role of the Super Users is to provide the important function of ensuring our campus has a cohesive group of senior-level data analysts with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to help define and analyze the most critical student data issues. In addition, Super Users offer campus units a local person to assist them with their Cal Answers Student Data analytical research.

Student Data Super Users

After completing training, Super Users may spend a few hours per month working collaboratively on best practices regarding student data analytics and, as needed, supporting their unit’s staff by providing updates on Cal Answers enhancements and answering questions about using the tool and interpreting the data.




College of Chemistry Maura Daly Director of Undergraduate Student Services
College of Engineering Christopher Hunn Director of Undergraduate Instruction - EECS
College of Environmental Design Elizabeth Bowler Director of Strategic Initiatives
College of Letters & Science Jacqueline Chang Project/Policy Analyst
College of Letters & Science Jane Paris Senior Advisor
College of Letters & Science Leah Ma College Curriculum Analyst
L&S Arts & Humanities Anna Weidman Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration
L&S Arts & Humanities Linda Fitzgerald Department Manager, English
L&S Biological Sciences Maria Park Molecular and Cell Biology Curriculum Planner
L&S Biological Sciences Sharon Gillars Financial Services Director
L&S Math & Physical Sciences Wanda Nieters Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration
L&S Social Sciences MacKenzie Moore Student Academic Advisor
College of Natural Resources Adrienne Hink Executive Assistant to the Dean
CSS-IT Help Desk Aaron Turner Business Technical Support Analyst
Equity & Inclusion Andrew Eppig Institutional Research Analyst
Equity & Inclusion Lauryn Holloway Analyst
Haas School of Business Rocky Moran Instructional Research Analyst
School of Information Angela Chang Finance Manager
School of Optometry Luis Ruiz Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
Summer Sessions & Study Abroad Laura Adams Process & Data Architect
VC-Student Affairs Data Analytics Noam Manor Data Analytics Manager
VC-Student Affairs Financial Aid Kelle Jacobs Principle Research Analyst
VC-Student Affairs Financial Aid Kerry Franzetta Associate Director
VC-Student Affairs Office of the Registrar Chris Harrison Residence Affairs Supervisor
VC-Student Affairs Office of the Registrar Doug Au Business Systems Analyst
VC-Student Affairs Office of the Registrar Raul Infante Business Systems Analyst
VC-Undergraduate Education Audrey Thomas Institutional Research Analyst
Vice Provost-Academic Planning Malcolm Quon Institutional Research Analyst

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Office Hours

We offer Cal Answers Office Hours to all campus data analysts to assist you with questions about how to access, retrieve, and interpret data within the HR Census, Student Applicant, Student Curriculum, Student Demographics & Outcomes, and Student Financials subject areas.

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