Cal Answers Student Data Basic Navigation Training

What to learn how to navigate the Cal Answers student data subject areas to access, format and print your data tables?

Sign up to attend one of our upcoming 2- hour hands-on training classes in University Hall, room 28:

At the end of the class you will have practiced:

  • Applying filters to access your unit-specific student data
  • Managing the layout of the data tables by moving and hiding columns
  • Saving customized views of your data for future reference and sharing with your colleagues
  • Printing and exporting data tables and charts

Office Hours

Campus data analysts are currently offering Cal Answers Office Hours to assist new and continuing users with questions about how to access, retrieve, and interpret data within the HR Census, Student Applicant, Student Curriculum, Student Demographics & Outcomes, and Student Financials subject areas.

Learn more and sign up!


Each subject area maintains a wiki - a collaborative web site where the business analysts document their subject area's procedural information, such as data definitions, report field lists, unique methodology considerations, etc. Select the link below to view the wiki of the subject area you are researching:

Campus Workforce Planning
PI Portfolio
Procure to Pay
Student Applicants
Student Curriculum 

Student Demographics & Outcomes
Student Financials