New Campus Workforce Planning Dashboards are now available!

August 27, 2015

Did you know that two-thirds of our staff are vested with retirement benefits? Or, that almost one in ten have a high likelihood of retiring in the near future?  These and other such nuggets of information are now available on a new Cal Answers dashboard called Staff Retirement Metrics.

The Analytics & Metrics team from Central HR worked with the Cal Answers IT team to provide data that can help managers anticipate their retirement attrition and plan for it. Intuitive interface and compelling visualization provide managers a helpful tool to understand their workforce and better plan resources.

Learn more about Campus Workforce Planning reporting here.

Cal Answers Student Data Subject Area Dashboard Map

July 27, 2015

Cal Answers Global Dashboards for student data provide easy access to UC Berkeley data to answer questions related to our student Applicants, Curriculum, Demographics & Outcomes and Financials

Our Cal Answers Student Data Subject Area Dashboard Map can help you identify the reports and common filters available for each of the student subject areas.


Create a Dashboard Bookmark

July 1, 2015

new job aid!

Did you ever want to share your Cal Answers dashboard with a colleague?

Check out the new Cal Answers Create a Dashboard Bookmark Link job aid with step by step instructions on how to bookmark a customized dashboard that will capture all of your filter selections and any layout edits you have made to the data tables.


Cal Answers Data Availability

Please review this high level timeline to see a list of when data is available in the different subject areas.

data_availability_timeline_4-13-15.pdfdata availability timeline

Welcome to Cal Answers

Cal Answers is an analytical tool allowing UC Berkeley to view centralized, integrated information from various campus systems. The tool makes data accessible to all, enabling staff, faculty, and students to locate reliable, consistent answers to critical campus questions. Whether you're performing big tasks like developing your unit's annual budget or managing your aid offerings - or you're conducting day-to-day inquiries like reviewing last month's on-contract spending or researching your students' graduation rates - Cal Answers helps you to quickly and easily find the data to inform your work.

Cal Answers is available every day 7am - midnight, with the exception of Thursdays when it's available 8am - midnight. If additional maintenance is required, it will generally be done on Sundays, and information will appear by the login link for Cal Answers. Cal Answers support hours are Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm.

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