June 2018 Top 10 Cal Answers Financial Management Report Runners!

Thank you to our Top 10 Cal Answers Financial Management Reporting (FMR) report runners in the month of June 2018! As a campus, we ran 9% more reports in June over the month of May.

June 2018 Top 10 FMR Report Runners

These report runners represent our early adopters as we transition to the Cal Answers Financial dashboard reports from BAIRS, which is retiring at the end of this year.

Do you have advice and or feedback you would like to share with your colleagues on using the Cal Answers Financial Management Reports? You can share it with us by completing this form.

Here is what your colleagues have to say about running reports with Cal Answers:

  • I love how easily I can customize the viewing and reporting in Cal Answers!
  • Stop using BAIRS and move to Cal Answers.
  • Learning how to include and exclude columns (link is external)on those dashboards that allow for it really opened my eyes to the power of Cal Answers
  • This is a very user-friendly system.
  • I have prepared reports in Cal Answers without any problems, it is so easy.

You can learn more about the Financial Management Reports on our website page.