Saved Customizations and Bookmark Links

We recommend you periodically update your bookmark links and saved customizations. If your saved customizations and bookmark links point to an outdated dashboard, you could run into problems changing filter selections or seeing all of the columns in your report. Saved customizations and bookmark links will frequently be affected by upgrades to the Cal Answers system or changes to the dashboard where they were created. Additionally, Cal Answers bookmark links expire 365 days after they were created or 365 days after they were last accessed.

Saved customizations

Cal Answers allow you to save your filtered and formatted dashboard reports as customized views that you can apply and revise as needed and/or set as the default opening view for that page. Once saved, you can apply, edit, clear and set your customization as your default view for the dashboard.

Bookmark links

Cal Answers dashboard bookmark links allow you to create and share a URL or direct path to a Cal Answers dashboard page. These links capture all aspects of the page state, including filter settings and any customizations (moving/excluding columns, sorting/drilling data, etc.) made to data display areas. Bookmark links are recommended for sharing dashboard views with other Cal Answers users and are available when accessing Cal Answers from either a compatible browser or Citrix. Note that Cal Answers Bookmark Links expire 365 days after they were created or 365 days after they were last accessed.

Recreate your saved customizations

In order to recreate your bookmark links and saved customizations, follow the instructions below.

  • To recreate your saved customization, open a second Cal Answers window, go to the dashboard and tab you created your original customization in and go to the page options icon in the top-right corner of your Cal Answers window.

    • Select "Clear My Customization" from the dropdown menu. Then rebuild your saved customization using this new window as a blank slate, but referring back to your old window so that you can see the details of what you had selected or changed before. (Additionally, you can save a PDF of your original customization and refer back to it to recreate it in the new window.)

    • Once you have your new customization set up the way you want it, go back to the page options icon and select "Save Current Customization."

    • Once you have saved your new customization, delete your old customization.

  • Tip: If you recreate your saved customizations but still have problems with non-responsive filters, try accessing Cal Answers through Citrix.

    • To sign in using Citrix, log into Citrix at by clicking on the link, entering your CalNet ID and choosing "Cal Answers." From there, sign in to Cal Answers using your CalNet ID.

Recreate your bookmark links

  • Apply the filters to your dashboard and click Apply
  • From the Page Options Menu in the top right, choose Create Bookmark Link
  • Copy the link that will show up at the top of the dashboard and paste it as needed

Training materials

  • Creating Bookmark Links - How to share your filtered and customized dashboard view by creating a direct URL link for future use and/or sharing with others.

  • Saved Customizations - Step-by-step instructions for creating, applying and editing your favorite filtered and formatted dashboard reports for future use.

  • Printing and Exporting Dashboard Reports - Steps to print and export data tables and dashboard pages from the Page Options and hyperlinks under tables and charts.  

  • Export your saved customizations to a PDF - Instructions on exporting your saved customization to PDF.

  • Saving customizations video (3:27) - Step-by-step instructions how to save, clear and edit a customization, how to set it as the default and how to delete a saved customization.