Student Applicants

New College Academic Reporting Hierarchy

February 6, 2024

UC Berkeley's newest college, the College of Computing, Data Science, & Society (CDSS), now appears in Cal Answers student reports, such as the Census dashboard. CDSS consists of:

Computational Precision Health Computational Biology (moved from the College of Engineering) Data Science Undergraduate Studies (moved from the College of Letters & Science, where it was called L&S Data Science) CDSS Computer Science (moved from the College of Letters & Science, where it was called L&S Computer Science) Statistics (moved from the College of Letters & Science)

As is...

Available Data

Cal Answers Student Data Dashboards Map

Student Data dashboards provide Cal Answers users with the ability to view and analyze student data in order to answer questions and improve decision making. The student data dashboards currently available in Cal Answers...

How do I select multiple filter values in the dashboard prompts at the same time?

Single vs. Multi-Select

Prompts with a checkmark allow you to select one value.

Prompts with checkboxes allow you to select multiple values.

select multiple items

Enter Multiple Codes or Numeric Values

When you want to select multiple numeric values and you know the codes, it isn’t necessary to select them from a drop-down list. You can type or paste them into the prompt separated...

Which student data dashboards and reports include Graduate student data?

Most of the student dashboards include Graduate student data. These dashboards in the Student Demographics & Outcomes subject area do not include Graduate Student data:

Graduation, Retention and Time to Degree Multiple Majors

Check out the Cal Answers Student Data Subject Areas, Dashboards & Filters Map job aid. Reports with an * include undergraduate data only. All other reports include both Graduate or Undergraduate student data.

Where can I find report documentation and data dictionaries for each of the student data subject areas?

The Overview tab of each dashboard has links to wiki documentation that explains the dashboard reports and a data dictionary that explains the columns used in the prompts and reports.

Change to Student Ethnicity Reporting

March 31, 2021

Working with the VC-Equity & Inclusion's office, we have implemented a change in how the Pacific Islander ethnicity category rolls up in Cal Answers student reporting. Rather than appearing under the "Asian/Pacific Islander" level 1 ethnicity category, the group will now be under "Underrepresented Minority." In addition, the level 1 category of "Asian/Pacific Islander" will change to "Asian". To ensure that trend reporting continues to work correctly, this change will apply to all historical data for both undergraduate and graduate students in Cal Answers. Note that no level 2 or level...

New & Updated Student Dashboards

October 31, 2019

Cal Answers Student Data Community:

We have recently created several new Cal Answers Student dashboard reports, in addition to updating several others.

Summer by Multiple Fields
This new report tab is in the Student Demographics & Outcomes > Census dashboard. It provides access to a customizable table of census and end-of-term student counts for Summer terms, by student level, summer student type, and campus unit. The table can display additional fields that you select from a list of 16 choices, including gender, level 1 ethnicity, level 2...

Undergrad Apps by Multiple Fields Report

August 19, 2019

Cal Answers Student Data Community,

The Undergrad Apps by Multiple Fields report in the Undergraduate Applicants dashboard used an older design that only allowed you to group data by four fields at a time. Newer reports in Cal Answers, however, such as Grad Apps by Multiple Fields, Financial reports, and HR reports, all use an improved design in which you can include or exclude any number of fields that you want from a large list.

We have now released a new version of the Undergrad Apps by Multiple Fields report that incorporates...

Data Love! February CoP Friday, 02.08.19 Academic Planning Dashboard and Cal Answers Upgrade

February 6, 2019

data love

What's not to love about data and February?

February 2019 CoP session

Come learn more at the new Divisional level Academic Planning Dashboard presented by Malcolm Quon, Institutional Research Analyst with the...

2019-20 Undergraduate Applicants

February 1, 2019

You can now find the first 2019-20 snapshot of undergraduate admissions data (applicants only) in the Cal Answers Undergraduate Applicants dashboard. Please see the "UG Applicant Counts," "UG Apps by Multiple Fields," and "Academic Indicators - Applied" report tabs.