Upcoming Cal Answers upgrade, save your bookmark links and customizations

December 4, 2018

Cal Answers Financials and BAIRS Community,

Now that we’ve completed all the releases necessary to transition from BAIRS to Cal Answers, we’re working on incorporating your feedback on Cal Answers and implementing some upgrades to the system. The Cal Answers upgrade will be released in February and will improve the user experience by providing the ability to copy data directly out of Cal Answers reports and enabling users to create and reuse custom columns.

Recreate saved customizations and bookmark links

We recommend you recreate your saved customizations and bookmark links if you are having trouble changing the prompt selections. Because we’ve been releasing new dashboards and enhancements throughout the year, it’s necessary  to recreate your saved customizations and bookmarked links to ensure you’re linking to the most current versions of the dashboards. In February, when we release the upgrade, the saved customizations will be preserved but bookmark links will break and need to be recreated.Visit the Cal Answers website for instructions on how to print, export, and recreate your saved customizations and bookmark links.

Attend office hours December - January

We are offering a series of office hours from December through January, to help answer your questions about pulling data from Cal Answers without using BAIRS. Sign up for a 30 minute slot and bring your laptop and your questions. Please email us a link to the BAIRS report you’re trying to recreate or a PDF of the report at calanswersfinancials@berkeley.edu two days before your appointment.

Join us at Cal Assessment Network (CAN) on December 7

Please join us this Friday, December 7 from 10:30am-12pm to celebrate BAIRS retirement and CAN’s 100th session. We’ll be presenting an overview of the Cal Answers Financials dashboards, helpful resources for dashboards and ad hoc, and outlining what to expect in the new year after BAIRS is retired. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and celebrate this huge milestone in improving the campus reporting environment.

BAIRS retires December 22

As a reminder, BAIRS will remain available through December 21. On December 22, 2018we will close down BAIRS and the system will no longer be accessible. These last few weeks are your final opportunity to use Cal Answers while BAIRS is still available, so please take the opportunity to transition to Cal Answers now.


Learn more about Finance access and which dashboards are included by visiting the access page on the Cal Answers website.


Thank you,

Cal Answers Financials Team


Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance