Gift Accumulation Dashboard Job Aid

The Gift Fund Accumulation dashboard provides relevant information to Chief Development Officers, Deans, and Divisional Finance Leaders in a format that facilitates their use of funds in a timely manner as specified by the donor to maximize benefits to the University. Using data from the enterprise data warehouse and Cal Answers, this dashboard replaces the report that was manually produced by the UDAR team, allowing users real-time access to see unused gift funds from multiple perspectives. To learn about common reasons that gift funds accumulate, see Why Gift Funds Accumulate.

This first implementation of the dashboard allows users to explore the accumulation and aging of gift funds and identify funds:

  • With low balances

  • With no recent activity

  • By the number of years accumulated

  • By restrictions

  • By purpose and sub-purpose

  • By org that administers the fund

  • By faculty, faculty name

  • By awarding characteristics

To learn how this dashboard compares with the Gift/Endowment Reporting and General Ledger Reporting dashboards, see Dashboard Comparison.


Access the dashboard, layout and navigation

Fund Accumulation and Purpose Report

Set filters to define report contents

Restricted beyond purpose filters

Chart: Cash Flow by Fiscal Year

Chart: Funds by Purpose and Percent of Balance in Funds Accumulated 2+ Years

Chart: Fund Accumulation and Balance

Gift Fund Detail Report

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