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Cal Answers Student Data Dashboards Map

Student Datadashboards provide Cal Answers users with the ability to view and analyze student data in order to answer questions and improve decision making. The student data dashboards currently available in Cal Answers are...

Which student data dashboards and reports include Graduate student data?

Most of the student dashboards include Graduate student data. These dashboards in the Student Demographics & Outcomes subject area do not include Graduate Student data:

Graduation, Retention and Time to Degree Multiple Majors

Check out the Cal Answers Student Data Subject Areas, Dashboards & Filters Map job aid. Reports with an * include undergraduate data only. All other reports include both Graduate or Undergraduate student data.

Data Love! February CoP Friday, 02.08.19 Academic Planning Dashboard and Cal Answers Upgrade

February 6, 2019

data love

What's not to love about data and February?

February 2019 CoP session

Come learn more at the new Divisional level Academic Planning Dashboard presented by Malcolm Quon, Institutional Research Analyst with the...

Major Pipeline Analysis, part 2 of 2, September CoP Session Friday, 9.14.18 @ 1 pm

September 10, 2018
Pipeline Analysis, part 2 of 2 this Friday, September 14, 2018, @ 1:00 pm in Doe Library, room 308A

Pipeline Analysis, part 2 of 2

Come out to learn about the basics of analyzing the Major migration of our students from our...

November Cal Answers Student Data Community of Practice on 11.08.17

November 2, 2017

Do you currently use Cal Answers Student Data to answer questions on course enrollments, teaching activity, student credit hours, numbers of degrees earned and retention rates?

If so, come out to the Cal Answers Student Data Community of Practice on Wednesday, November 8, 2017. Join your data enthusiast peers, thought leaders, and student data subject matter experts as we discuss answers to your campus student data questions.

The CoP meets on the second Wednesday of each month with our November session on: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 11:00...

Can I find retention rates for the College of Chemistry in Cal Answers for both Freshman and Transfer students?

Yes, from the Student Demographics and Outcomes subject area navigate to the Graduation, Retention & Time to Degree dashboard and choose either the UG Retention or UG Retention by Multiple Fields tab to pull the latest retention rates (1-yr, 2-yr, 3-yr, etc.) for freshmen and transfers who entered in the College of Chemistry.