New Cal Answers dashboard (Multiple Majors) and other news

March 15, 2017
Cal Answers Community,

We are pleased to announce the release of the undergraduate Multiple Majors dashboard, along with additional important updates.
Undergraduate Multiple Majors dashboard
The Multiple Majors dashboard can help you answer questions such as:
  • What percentage of undergraduate students campus-wide and in a given major are single, double, or triple majors? Has that changed over time?
  • Which programs have the highest number and percentage of multiple majors?
  • For double, triple, and quadruple majors in my program, what are their other majors?
  • What are the most common major combinations? Which multiple major combinations across the campus are clustered together?
Innovative data visualizations provide additional insight into these questions. The new data can help academic units to have a better understanding of the curricular and advising needs of their students, as well as suggest possible areas of collaboration between units that share a large number of multiple majors.
What users are saying:
"This reporting functionality in Cal Answers is amazing and useful." - Patrick Allen, Director of Student Services, Department of Economics
"This is *incredibly* useful and saves us so much time. The basic dashboard gave me information that took me many hours to compile in the past (and additional info that I couldn't get at all)." - Christopher Hunn, Director of Undergraduate Instruction, Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences

Additional Cal Answers news
  • The Student Applicants dashboard reports now contain undergraduate admissions historical data, final 2016-17 data, and the first applicant snapshot of 2017-18 data.
  • The new Student Fees & Payments dashboard report now uses Campus Solutions as its source for data from fall 2016 onward.
  • Recent student data loads: spring 2017 census snapshot, fall 2016 end-of-term snapshot, and latest retention rates were recently loaded to Cal Answers. For more information, please visit the student data load schedule on the Cal Answers website.
Please contact the Cal Answers Help Desk ( if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Cal Answers Team
Office of the CFO