Derived Residency now Available in Cal Answers Student Demographics & Outcomes

September 25, 2018

Derived Residency now Available in Cal Answers Student Demographics & Outcomes

The Residency Status column in Cal Answers Student Demographics & Outcomes dashboards has been replaced with Derived Residency, which makes it easy to distinguish between

  • CA Resident
  • Out of State Domestic
  • International students.

Previously, two separate fields were needed to accomplish this. The change applies to both prompts and column selectors in the dashboards. In the Ad Hoc areas, both fields remain available.

Before the Change

Residency Status distinguished among residents and nonresidents. To see counts of out-of-state domestic students, users needed to use two fields: Residency Status and Ethnicity.

After the Change

With Derived Residency, you can view counts of out-of-state domestic students using one field. The Derived Residency values include  

  • CA Resident
  • International
  • Out-of-State Domestic
  • Unknown

Impacts to your work

Student Data Dashboards -> Report Tabs

The Derived Residency Desc field is now available on the following tabs:

  • Census -> Census by Multiple Field
  • Degrees ->Degrees by Multiple Fields
  • All of the tabs in Graduation, Retention & Time to Degree
  • Restricted Time to Degree

Ad Hoc Analysis

In ad-hoc, you will still have access to Residency Status Cd and Residency Status Desc along with the two new fields, Derived Residency Cd and Derived Residency Desc.

Bookmark Links & Saved Customizations

If you have bookmark links and/or Saved Customizations that include the Residency Status field, we recommend that you review them to see if they are opening and applying as expected with the new field displayed. They may need to be replaced.

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