Employees in Your Unit

Employees in Your Unit

 The Workforce Detail dashboard has the data you need to satisfy a range of requests such as:

Request Report
  • Pull a list of business email addresses for a specific population in your unit
  • Identify appointments with upcoming end dates
  • Get a list of FTEs by job title
Job Data As of Date
  • Identify employees with range adjustments or merit increases within a specified time period
Job Data by Date Range
  • Find the step and total salary for the faculty in your department
Compensation Data As of Date

Open the Workforce Detail Dashboard

  1. Log in to Cal Answers.

  2. From the Cal Answers home page, in the Campus Workforce Planning (HR) Dashboards section, click the + to the right of Workforce Detail to expand the subject area and display the dashboards.

  3. Click the Workforce Detail Dashboard link to open the dashboard.