Cal Answers Latest Student Applicants Data Load, 9.06.17

Undergraduate Applicant Admitted and Intent to Register (SIRed) headcount data for the 2017-18 academic year is now available in the Cal Answers Student Applicants -> Undergraduate Applicants dashboard reports. While this installment provides an update to the 2017-18 Admit and SIRed data, the final data for the current academic year will be loaded with the third installment scheduled for October 2017. Each data load updates and overwrites the numbers displayed. 

Undergraduate by Applicant Counts Dashboard Report

UG Applicants Counts dashboard report

Check out the UG Applicants Counts dashboard report to view Applied, Admitted and SIRed headcount numbers for the campus and by our five undergraduate colleges for the 2017-18 academic year. From within the data tables, click on the right-pointing arrow to display headcounts down to the Department level. The Applicant Type prompt allows you to filter the data by New Freshman and/or Transfer Student headcounts -  Student Applicants ->UG Applicants -> UG Applicant Counts

  • We reorganized this dashboard report by moving the Applicant, Admitted and Statement of Intent to Register Headcount tables to the top of the page and put the charts below.

  • The headcount tables will now display a minimum of three years of data throughout the snapshot cycle. The fourth year will not drop off until data is available for all three Applicant Type tables.

Undergraduate by Applicant Counts by Multiple Fields Dashboard Report

UG Apps by Multiple Fields dashboard report

From the UG Apps by Multiple Fields dashboard report you can view applied, admitted and SIRed headcount data for Freshmen and Transfers by academic year and term, gender, ethnicity, residency, first generation college status, admitted college and division, intended major and prior school type. Student Applicants->Undergraduate Applicants ->UG Apps by Multiple Fields

Academic Indicators -Admitted Dashboard Report

Academic Indicators - Admitted dashboard report
The Academic Indicators - Admitted dashboard report shows a variety of academic indicators for undergraduate admits, at the campus and college levels. For new freshman, the available indicators include average, 25th percentile, and 75th percentile SAT and ACT scores, high school GPA (an "A" in any honors course counts as 5-grade points). For transfer students, you can view prior college evaluated GPA. Note that we have converted to the current format any SAT scores earned prior to March 2016, using the College Board’s official concordance tables. Student Applicants -> Undergraduate Applicants -> Academic Indicators-Admitted

Additional Resources

You can review a list of the latest student data loads on our Student Data web page and thePlanned Data Refresh Schedule for more information on future data load timing.

Check out the Cal Answers Student Applicants Overview and Homework packet to learn more and practice using these dashboard reports to pull data on your students. You can also reference the Student Applicants Wiki for additional report details and key definitions.

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