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Create Briefing Books

Briefing Books allow you to compile a set of reports into a single PDF document that can be run again in the future. Any dashboard page can be added to a briefing book. When you click “Add to Briefing Book” the current page with all customizations and filters is added to the PDF. A table of contents is then automatically created for the document. You can save a briefing book as “updateable” which means it will refresh with current data each time you run it. This functionality is available to all Cal Answers users and can be used on any dashboard page, so you can use this with non-sponsored and sponsored funds.

Download the Briefing Book Job Aid here.

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Discover the Student Data Community of Practice

The Cal Answers Student Data Community of Practice (CoP) provides an opportunity for

Cal Answers Student Data users with experience in using the tool can meet with your data peers to discuss and solve for campus solutions. The CoP will meet on the second Wednesday of each month

The CoP is not a training session for new users. If you are in need of training, check out the list of upcoming Basic Navigation training sessions for dates and times. Read more.

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