Financial Aid Report Filters

The four Financial Aid reports use the same filters divided into three sections:

You must select the Apply button for each set of filters in which you make a selection. The filters are described here. The reports are described in the next section.

Common Filters

Student Financial Aid Dashboard Common Filters

We describe the more frequently used columns here. The Wiki data dictionary has descriptions of all columns.

Financial Aid Yr

The year in which financial aid was awarded/paid. It includes fall and spring academic terms, with the summer term as a trailer.  For example, the 2021-2022 value for this field includes Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022.

Education Level 

Student's class level, based on all units, including those earned through testing.

Registrn Elig Status Cd

  • N = New student (first semester)
  • C = Continuing student
  • R = Returning (after a break) student
  • V = Visiting student

Entry Status

Student’s type of admission to UC Berkeley:

  • New Freshman
  • Advanced Standing (Transfer)
  • Limited (exchange or visitor program) 

Dependency Status 

Indicates whether the student is a dependent or is independent.

  • I = independent (includes students who are married, students with children, students who have served in the military, and students over 24 years old)

  • D = dependent

  • No value = student did not file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid managed by the US Dept of Education)

Family Income Range 

For dependent students, the total of parent and student income.  For independent students, student income only.  Based on gross earnings and untaxed income (e.g. Social Security) from the financial aid application.

This is only populated for students that have filed a Financial Aid application. The amount is self-reported gross income.

Academic Hierarchy Filters

Student Financial Aid Dashboard Academic Filters

  • If a student has multiple majors, the value in this column is the first major (entered in SIS?)
  • The academic hierarchy information is as of the census snapshot for each term.  When a student changes majors between the Fall census and the Spring census, our reports include two different values when you look at the entire academic year.

Chart of Accounts Filters

Student Financial Aid Dashboard Chart of Accounts Filters