Undergrad Apps by Multiple Fields Report

August 19, 2019

Cal Answers Student Data Community,

The Undergrad Apps by Multiple Fields report in the Undergraduate Applicants dashboard used an older design that only allowed you to group data by four fields at a time. Newer reports in Cal Answers, however, such as Grad Apps by Multiple Fields, Financial reports, and HR reports, all use an improved design in which you can include or exclude any number of fields that you want from a large list.

We have now released a new version of the Undergrad Apps by Multiple Fields report that incorporates these includable/excludable columns. You can review information about how to use includable/excludable columns in a Cal Answers report through some of the training materials developed for Cal Answers Financial reporting. See, for example, this document or this video.

Questions and feedback

If you have technical questions about using Cal Answers, please contact the Cal Answers Help Desk at 664-9000 (option 1, then option 2) or calanswers-help@berkeley.edu (link sends e-mail).

Thank you,

Cal Answers Team, Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance