New Cal Answers Departmental Teaching Workload Dashboard Released

October 29, 2014

New Cal Answers Departmental Teaching Workload Dashboard Informs Resource Planning!

Dear Cal Answers Community

We are pleased to announce the Cal Answers Student Curriculum team has released the Departmental Teaching Workload Dashboard. Watch the video about the new dashboard on the Cal Answers website.

This dashboard features information on teaching activity by credited department(s). It provides instructor and class detail that rolls up to the department summary. There is also a "Roomshare and Crosslisted Course" report that allows you to see information for all the class listings in a roomshare/crosslist bundle.

The credited department is typically the pay department of the instructor. The assignment of the teaching activity can be complicated when a course is crosslisted, team-taught, or when the pay department is not an academic unit. For this reason the crediting of the teaching activity follows a well-defined set of allocation rules that take into account multiple factors.

Reports Included in the Dashboard New Cal Answers Dashboard

Teaching by Credited Department
This report tells you how much teaching activity an academic unit received credit for by the type of instructor teaching.

Course Detail by Credited Department
This report tells you, for an instructor that was actively teaching in a given semester, to what academic department their classes, class enrollments, and student credit hours were credited. 

Room Share and Consolidated Course Detail
This report allows you to look up an officially crosslisted or roomshared course to see the full information for the class listings in the bundle. 

Key considerations for accurately interpreting the reports
The primary intent of these dashboards is to provide critical insights to inform curriculum planning. There are a few things to keep in mind when interpreting the data to ensure you're portraying the information accurately:

  • Since teaching activity does not represent the full effort required to deliver a course and many instructors have responsibilities outside of teaching - such as research, administration, lab management, etc. - it is not recommended to use these metrics to represent instructors' complete workload. 
  • Since this dashboard presents data by the credited department, which is typically the pay department of the instructor, these metrics can also be used in budget and resource allocation analyses.

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  • REVIEW:  the wiki for report descriptions, explanations of available data, and definitions of report data fields
  • WATCH: the Cal Answers training videos for an overview on how to use the tool and how to interpret the data in the tool
  • ATTEND:  office hours to meet one-on-one with an analyst from the Office of Planning & Analysis for answers to your questions about accessing, retrieving, and interpreting data within Cal Answers
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