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Curriculum Long-Term Planning

Looking at the time period of years 2017-18 to 2019-20, in which semester (excluding summer sessions) did UCB have the highest enrollment counts in web- based lectures?

Spring 2020

Which College or School offered the highest number of web-based lectures in that semester?

School of Information

What was the average class size for the web-based lectures offered in that School or College?”

Average class size of web-based lectures in the School of Information: 12

By what percentage did enrollments in upper-division Physics courses in the College of Letters & Science change between the 2017-18 and 2019-20 academic years (excluding summers)? If the answer to this question is not available within Cal Answers, how else can it be calculated?

You can calculate the percentage change in enrollments by dividing the difference in enrollments by the beginning enrollment:

(2042 - 1895)/1895 = 8%

Students & Courses

In Spring 2014, what was the percentage of prorated enrollments by Statistics majors in upper-division Statistics courses? What was the percentage of prorated enrollments in these courses by students from outside of the College of Letters & Science?

35% of the prorated enrollments were by Statistics majors. 11% of the prorated enrollments were by majors from outside of the College.

Students & Courses report with Spring 2014 upper division statistics selected and circles around enrollments by majors in the department and enrollments by majors outside of the College

In Spring 2014, prorated enrollments by students from which unit, aside from Letters & Science, accounted for most of the prorated enrollments in upper-division Statistics courses?

College of Engineering

Prorated enrollments by students from which major in the Division of Social Sciences accounted for most of the prorated enrollments in upper division Statistics courses?


In Spring 2014, what percentage of enrollments by Statistics majors were in the Haas School of Business?

10.6% of enrollments by Statistics majors were in courses offered by the Haas School of Business.

Teaching Activity

Which tab would you use to know what type of instructors are teaching courses offered by an academic department?

Teaching Activity by Instructor Type, which provides a summary of the types of instructors who taught courses offered by a given Department.

How many of the upper division Statistics course enrollments were taught by Adjunct or Visiting faculty in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019? (Adjunct and Visiting faculty are classified under the Other Faculty category.)

Fall 2018: 255, Spring 2019: 260

Were these two courses, Stat 155 in Fall 2018 and Stat 134 in Spring 2019, taught by the same instructor? Use the Instructor List by Course report to see a list of instructors who taught these courses.

Shirshendu Ganguly taught Statistics 155 in Fall 2018. Adam Lucas taught Statistics 134 in Spring 2019.

Since 2010, has the instructor who taught Statistics 155 in Fall 2018 ever taught any other courses at UC Berkeley?

Yes, this instructor team-taught Mathematics C218A Prob Theory and Statistics C205A Prob Theory in Fall 2019, and was the sole instructor for other classes in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.

Weekly Enrollment Management

Go to the Course Tracking report. Look at Spring 2019 for the snapshot of Week -06 for lower division Physics courses. Which courses were in high demand at this point in time?

Start by sorting the % Class Filled column to see the classes that were fullest. The % Class Filled metric is calculated by dividing the enrollment count by the enrollment limit.

This report presents the selected and prior year for the point in time (Week) selected in the Snapshot so that you can see how full these classes were at the same time in the prior year. Some classes are more filled than last year and some are less filled.

Looking at Enrollment Limit and Enrollment Limit Prior Yr, we can see that the department has decreased enrollment limits for Intro to Exp Phys I and II, likely in response to the end of term enrollment count from last year (Enrollment Cnt EOT Prior Yr).

When planning, it is important to look at enrollment and the number of students on the waitlist.

Course Tracking report with 2019 Fall semester, snapshot Week -06 selected for Physics department and report