New Student Curriculum dashboard shows which students your courses are serving

November 25, 2013

The new Students & Courses dashboard enables you to learn more about which students are in your courses and what courses your students are taking. The new dashboard answers these key questions: 

Who are my courses serving?
What percent of the students taking this course are from majors outside of the department?  
The Majors in Courses report offers a prorated count of the students taking course(s) by their declared major. 
Which courses do interdisciplinary majors take? 
The Courses Taken by Majors report provides a list of courses that your majors take.

We heard you! Thanks to your feedback, we've enhanced existing Student Curriculum dashboards to better meet your needs

Course Control Number
We added Course Control Numbers (CCN) to the Course Grade Distribution and Weekly Enrollment Management reports. For some units, the CCN helps connect Cal Answers data with their internal data.
Rejected Student Count
We added the Rejected Student Count to the Weekly Enrollment Management dashboard. This gives units that don't use waitlists another way to measure demand for a course.
Enrollment Count
We changed the name of the metric "Enrolled Student Cnt" to "Enrollment Cnt." If you saved customizations involving this field, you may see an error message when you apply them in the future since your customizations are based on the old name. If you see the error message, you can resolve by selecting "Clear My Customization" from the Page Options menu. Then, you may re-save your customization using the new field. 

Learn more

  • VIEW: a brief video (7min) about basic Cal Answers dashboard functionality.
  • REVIEW: report descriptions, explanations of available data, and definitions of report data fields on the Student Curriculum Wiki.
  • ATTEND: office hours to meet one-on-one with an analyst from the Office of Planning & Analysis for answers to your questions about accessing, retrieving, and interpreting data within the Student Curriculum and Student Demographics & Outcomes subject areas.