Can I find graduation rates for the College of Chemistry for both Freshman and Transfer students?

Yes, from the Student Demographics & Outcomes subject area, open the Graduation, Retention & Time to Degree dashboard and click on the UG Grad Rates report tab.

Filtering selection includes prompts for :

  • Entry Year & Semester
  • Entry Status - New Freshman or Transfer
  • Gender - Decline to State, Female, Male
  • Residency -Nonresident or Resident 
  • 4-, 9-, or 16-Value Ethnicity - includes International
  • Entry College - 5 UG Colleges and Haas

This Cal Answers bookmark link will take you directly to the UG Grad Rates report showing data on freshman students who entered in the College of Chemistry. To see this for transfer students, change the Entry Status prompt.  To see this data for your college filter on the Entry College prompt.

Graduation Rate Data Consideration 

The graduation data in this dashboards is based on entry college (as of the end of students‘ first regular semester--i.e., not summer if the student took part in a summer program prior to matriculating) and NOT based on exit college.

What this means then is that the College of Chemistry receives graduation rate "credit" for any student who enters the college of chemistry and graduated from UC Berkeley, even if that student switched colleges. However, this goes both ways. That is, students who leave the College of Chemistry and then drop out or stop-out will be factored into the College of Chemistry graduation rates. Finally, students who flow into the College of Chemistry after the end of their first term at Berkeley are also not captured in your graduation rates.