Cal Answers Upgrade - February 2019

We’re implementing upgrades to the Cal Answers system. The Cal Answers upgrade will go live on Friday, February 8. Follow the link below to review an overview of the changes. 

Overview of changes

Review the overview of the changes happening with the upgrade. 

Recommended actions related to the upgrade

  • All users: Once the upgrade is live, you’ll need to create new bookmark links. Visit the Cal Answers website for instructions on how to recreate your bookmark links.

  • All users: The Cal Answers URL will be updated. Please use the following URL after the update:

  • Finance users: Recreate your saved customizations once the update is live. Visit the Cal Answers website for instructions on how to print, export, and recreate your saved customizations.

List of key changes with the upgrade

  • There are additional options in the drop down list of the "Search" button
  • The icon to edit the dashboard properties is now a gear
  • In Account Personalization, there is an additional option to sort for every user in the "Subject Area Sort Order"
  • There's a new visualization feature - for 3D pie charts, if you highlight the chart the selected area animates
  • The sort option for the graphs is directly available from the dashboard itself
  • Data can be copy and pasted from the columns

Changes to the ad hoc area

  • There's a new search function in the Ad Hoc subject area - the
  • subject area pane allows searching for a pane of interest
  • View properties can be seen without editing the view
  • There's a slight update to the catalogue icon
  • Column Properties can now be modified from the
  • Results tab - you can still modify it from the criteria tab
  • The new Data Format properties allows for an auto “scale for %(x100)” (Except in Performance Tiles)
  • There are new functions in the edit formula
    • They include Analytics folder with functions Cluster, Evaluate Script, Outlier, Regr, Trendline
    • In the Aggregate folder there is a function named "bin"
    • In the Time Series Calculations folder we added the Forecast function
  • Global variable can now contain formulas as well as values
  • Heat Map and Tree Map are the new graph views 
  • A new calculated column can be added in the Results area, by clicking on the ruler icon on the top 
  • Calculated columns can be saved and reused in another analysis with the new option “Save Column As” in the criteria tab