Cal Answers Basics

Learn about basic, intermediate, and advanced Cal Answers functionality 

Navigating the Cal Answers Home Page (2 min)
Excluding Columns from Tables (1 min)
Changes You Can Make to Tables (3 min) - Moving, hiding and displaying columns
Features You'll Find Below Tables (3 min) - Printing and Exporting
Page Options Menu Customizations (3 min)
How to Create and Save a Cal Answers Briefing Book (5 min)
How to Edit a Cal Answers Briefing Book (3 min)

Subject Area Specific Videos

Learn more about the meaning behind the data and how to accurately communicate the insights you find

HR Census

HR Census: Introduction  (8 min.)

PI Portfolio

PI Portfolio: Introduction (Abridged) (6 min.)

Student Applicants

Undergraduate Applicants Dashboard Overview (5 min.)

Student Curriculum 

Departmental Curriculum Profile Dashboard (5 min.)
Departmental Teaching Workload Dashboard (11 min.)
Long Term Planning and Weekly Enrollment Tracking Dashboards (5 min.)
Cal Answers Overview for Common Good Curriculum Management (11 min.)

Student Demographics and Outcomes

Determining Undergraduate Time to Degree (4 min.)
Determining Graduation Rates
 (3 min.)
Viewing Counts of Registered Students by Select Demographics  (3 min.)
Viewing Counts of Registered Students by Campus Unit (3 min.)

Student Financials

Student Affordability: Cumulative Federal Debt at Time of Graduation (4 min.)